Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Outfit: Im anger not blue

 "Im anger" is something that me and Ilar say when we're not amused
or just for fun :')
We think angry characters are the cutest!

 We describe cute things like:
"Aww it's so little and angry!"
People never understand it and they are like:
"That's not a nice thing to say! Hate everything angry!"

To us angry means that you have some character.
To people we know it means something negative.
Maybe because they are angry ;')


 Apparently this is the face I make when I'm explaining.
hehe! :'D
Or that's what Ilar wants me to think...
ô . 0


 This dress is super old. 
I think I bought it in Sweden.
I love the colour :)

 Music is a saviour 
especially what it comes to lonely bus rides in the morning.

With crying babies and ugly yelling moms :D not rude at all!

( - , - )


 Don't worry Eeyore, I love you.
You are sad, quiet and cute.
I guess you are angry in your own lovely way.
Cutest <3

beret: old
dress: old
leggings: black milk
eeyore backpack: thrifted


  1. Anger helps express all the bad and gets it out! ^^ Hahahah
    I love this outfit. :)


    1. Haha :D yeah! Anger needs to get out but as nicely as possible ;) <3
      yay thank you <3

  2. I often threw a tantrums when I'm alone or pissed off with my friends, I'd ignore them and threw everything infront of my eyes, But what makes me love them so much, eventhough I can't count how many tantrums i've thrown and tears i've shed, they still wanna hang with me:^) and yea! being angry is a sign of being a good human lol:))

    Ahhhhh..I also can't stand crying kids...and snickering 50-something ladies...I just feel uncomfortable and wanting to stuff trash in their mouth (((IM SO RUDE OK IM SORRY._.V))btw that headphones is so cuuuute!!love the color!

    Eeyore and piglet are two of my fav characters in winnie the pooh!

    1. aww <3 I totally agree with you!!! 100% :D It feels like you're in a good relationship when you're allowed not to be happy all the time... and just be a human being with all the emotions possible ^-^

      D: hate them too! so annoying!
      haha :'D it's okay to hate! I don't mind. Because hey, they do have dirty mouths ;D
      and thank youu ^-^ <3

      yay!! I love them the most too <3 :D

  3. I've never heard of "anger" used in this form. I'm all for it and just might start to endearingly describe things now.
    ♡ Dulce

    1. :D heeehee yeah!
      yayayay >w< you're so amazing, Dulce <3 I'm out of words <3 aww!! <3


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