Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Outfit: Cute Fast Food

You know that I'm not picky when it comes to combining colours 
(or anything to be honest... I ate liquorice with peanut butter the other day... ^-^ Yummm!)  

I hardly ever combine red, blue and yellow (the basic trio).
 But they do look so magical together!
The combo reminds me of my childhood... Simple times, simple colours ; )


This time I borrowed Ilar's suspenders and guitar... 
And socks ^w^


Food prints are so cute * 3 *
I'm not a fan of greasy junk food (it makes me feel sick ; __ ; )
but I'm a big fan of junk food prints, hehe!
Happy Meals were the best 
(because of the awesome 90's/00's toys!!)

suspernders: ninja
body: black milk
skirt: minga london
leggings: black milk
lipstick: LA splash (nala)


  1. I think you combined these colors nicely!
    And yes!! Mc Donald's had thee best 90s/00s toys!<3


    1. I so happy that you think so Adi <3 ^w^ thank you!
      yeah!! good times! :D I bet you guys had even more more amazing toys in America <3


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