Friday, 22 April 2016

Outfit: Cheeky Strawberry

We've been eating a lot of strawberries lately :)
We really like strawberries.
They are delicious and we love them as a (female) symbol.
Go strawberries!


I must admit that I was really happy with this makeup >w< hehe!
I never plan my makeup looks I just do them and try to like them...

This time I felt like I wouldn't change anything.
So yay!

This is a melon peplum but people often ask if it's strawberry.
I like both of the ideas! :D

This Tiny Moon's beanie looks so cute with this striped shirt.
I love the beanie sooo much <3 It's one of my favourite hats!
I need to buy more >w<

beanie: tiny moon
shirt: thrifted
skirt: black milk
tights: old
socks: ...


  1. seeing your outfit kinda reminds me with waldo is selling watermelon, eh?:)) red and white stripes is theee best!! (after navy and white stripes, ofcourse!) Ahhhh I really love the striped's so cute...
    The socks also cute!!:^) missmatched socks is sooo cute^^ I also like wearing missmatched socks, it adds the cuteness of an outfit>,<


    1. omg hahaha :'D love the idea!!! waldo rules <3 hehe
      yeah stripes look the cutest or the most chic ;) love stripes! so happy that you like them too :D
      I agree ^ w ^ missmatch looks so cute!

      thank you again Rafa, you are the best <3

  2. Strawberries are delicious and I love how it inspired this outfit! :)
    I've been eating a lot of blackberries.<3


    1. Yeah they are so yummy :D hehe! thank you <3
      oooh wow they are so good too and they look the cutest! Ilar loves them so much ^.^

  3. Todella söpä hattu sulla! :) Etsy on todellinen löytöpaikka!
    Ja tuo hame on tosi hauska! ;)

    1. Se on todella taivaallinen * 0 * <3
      Kiitos oikein paljon!! :D


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