Saturday, 16 April 2016

Life update +Outfit: Not so fluffy Pom Pom

 Today we woke up 6 AM because we were super tired last night.
We planned to take just a nap at 7 PM but... Yeah :'D

 We've had soo many annoying courses at school 
and so many useless essays to write.
Makes you just wanna sleep.  

Also a horrible horrible teacher made my re-do a storyboard 
(which we had to make from an already existing animation)
because she hates me...

 Makes me sound like a true mean girl, right :'D

 Happily my traditional animation course started a month ago :D 
There's so much to do with that course (or it's like 3 courses in 1)
but I really enjoy it.
I got my comic book script and Ilar got his step outline for
 full length movie ready this week!! So happy ^ 3 ^
This means that we'll be able to make art next summer 
(as part of our project course credits).

Side note: Step outline is list of all important dramaturgic scenes of a movie.

 Today we've been doing nothing but writing those boring essays.

We'll go for a walk after I've finished this post :)
Walking is the best <3

 Yesterday it was snowing a little in the morning.
Today is just super windy outside... 

 But yeah...
Can't wait for next month :D
Then we're done with all the deadlines.

 Have a lovely day, friends!!
( ^ w ^ )  <3

shirt: old
skirt: ebay
short: kitty dearest
tights: old old
lipstick: LA splash (vindictive)


  1. Hope your studies go smoothly bc they sound so stressful rn. Love the lip color you're wearing :)
    ♡ Dulce

    1. aww thank you <3 you are such a kind soul, Dulce ^ 3 ^ <3
      We already feel so much better! We'll win this fight ò w ó yes!!


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