Friday, 1 April 2016

Story about creepy kids + Outfit: Just some colours

The day we took these pictures
we met 2 kids who were sooo interested in staring us.

We love kids and we don't mind them staring at us.
But! This time it was super awkward :S

It all happened in our local food shop.
We were trying to choose which chocolate bar we wanted to buy.
Then these two first graders walked in front of us and just stared us.

We just smiled at them and walked away. 
Maybe they wanted to buy those chocolate bars too and we should give them some space.
No. We were wrong. 

They followed us. We tried to avoid eye contact so that they'd leave us alone.
But they didn't care. All they wanted was to stare our faces.

They didn't say anything. Just stared with their mouths wide open.
So we grabbed a random bar of chocolate and left them behind.
Awkward *___*;

The weirdest thing about the story was that my makeup was so basic as you can see.
No freckles, no blue lipstick...
I felt so basic... Yet still.

We should have asked them why we were so interesting that particular day!

Afterwards we saw them close to our home with a friend who was holding a giant stick...
We were ready to run for our lives :'D

I guess it's a compliment when you feel super basic
and someone is dying to stare at you.
So yay..? :'D

beret: thrifted
shirt: thrifted
skirt: old
tights: old
brooch: thrifted
lipstick: colour pop (koala)


  1. AAAAA I'D CRY AND SCARED AF IF I WERE YOU GUYS....Just seeing men in the street making my legs feel weak...I don't know what will happen to me if i were being stared non stop by a stranger...;_;sometimes attention from stranger feels like heaven but there's time that I prefer to be unnoticed by safe x
    I really like your lipstick color, the pink is so nice! AND THE BERET HAT IS SOOO NICE><


    1. thank you, rafa <3 yeah, it was super creepy 0_o
      luckily we go everywhere together so it feels a bit more safe :)
      please, be safe you too

      aww thank you so much <3<3<3 >w< you are so nice!!

  2. Tangerine and teal. Awesome! Love those colors together!

    - Anna

    1. Yay :D super happy to hear that you love them <3 yay yay >w<
      thanks, Anna!

  3. This is so relatable!!! Strangers, especially little girls, gawk at me in public. The worst of all are babies... they give me the creeps :( it makes me most uncomfortable when I can feel their eyes *glued* on me. Usually, if I glance back they'll act embarrassed that I caught them staring so they look away. Sometimes it does come to the point that I have to make eye contact followed with a nonverbal "will you please stop?!?" expression.
    I'm not sure what it is even when we're casual or "basic" but, maybe they're drawn to our energy?
    ♡ Dulce

    1. It must be our awesome energy ;)
      I was about to say that I'm glad that you could relate to the text but... I guess it's not really a happy thing ;(
      aww I'm sorry to hear that creepy babies stare at you D:

      I think I haven't mastered that "please stop" expression because some people keep on staring at me even if I try to make them feel uncomfortable by staring back ^-^; heh...

  4. Ihanan keväinen asuyhdistelmä! Ja tuo rintaneula on mahtava! Lapsuusnostalgia on munkin harrastukseni, mutta joo joskus tulee vastaan lapsia jotka on enemmän kauhuelokuvien kuin söpöjen piirrettyjen hahmoja... ;)

    1. Voi kiitos niin kovin :D
      Haha, ihanan kauniisti ilmaistu niinkin kammottava asia :D ihan mahtavaa!


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