Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Outfit: Spring Sprouts

Spring has not come to our Moomin valley yet.
But we still wore our hair like little spring sprouts.

Ilar is taking it easy.
Spring will come eventually.
Or so he thinks...

Oh, hi there!

Maybe some Spring magic helps.

tank: thrift + diy
necklace: gift

Btw, I always talk about Spring 
because I hate Winter so much.
It's also soooo pretty when it's Spring time.
Oh how I love warm Spring :)

This Easter bunny is really friendly.
And soft.

It's escaping!

When I started applying my lipstick 
I figured that it looked so cute and awkward with just one layer.
I just had to keep it that way :) 

Sprout head.

t-shirt: Helsinki comics festival (2013)
collar: thrifted (dress)
skirt: thrifted
lipstick: give me glow (dark denim)
bag: accessorize


  1. You both look amazing, as always =) The idea with sprout hair is great =D !

    1. Heeehee :'D aww thank you, Rabbit <3 glad you think so ^ 3 ^ <3

  2. You always have such cute stuff! Like that rabbit bag!
    And the outfit is also like, I always like cool tone blue outfits.

    1. thank you so so much, dear Kyris :D <3 your comments always make me so happy!!
      I love blue outfits too :D

  3. That is the cutest bunny purse and totally love that diy tank Ilar is wearing :)
    ♡ Dulce

    1. yay thank you, Dulce <3 ^ v ^ <3
      we love petting the bunny bag :'D it feels like a real bunny, so soft! >w<

  4. Aaaah~ Hair sprouts are the cutest~~ seeing your hair kinda reminds me of the sprout hairclip trends last year lmao:^) Really love the turquoise (it's so hard to spell it right on the first time:( ) cardigan!^^

    1. Awww :D thank you so much, Rafa <3<3<3
      Haha! I loved that trend :'DD so glad this hairstyle reminded you of it!!
      aw yeah it's pretty hard :S


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