Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Outfit: Spring fairy

Fantasizing about Spring *___* <3

It's too cold to wear this outfit out without a furry jacket and a couple of cardigans... 
at least for me :')
But I can wear it like this at home 
and act like it was warm and sunny outside ;)

Tucking the dress into my tights gave me wider hips...
which is always approved ;')
<3 hips!!

Sad fairy.
Gimme sunshine and rainbows! 

<3 this guy

Dress: Ivana Helsinki
Skirt: Black Milk
Tights: ??
Necklace: Sugar & Vice
Lipstick: LA Splash (Severo)


New video! Check it out!
Here we're dyeing our hair from blue to yellow ombre! We used Bleach London Blullini for the first time as a blue fluorescent glow by Le Riche as yellow and rest of the colours by Splat.
So, this is how it turned out. Pretty neat if you ask me :)
There was just one problem during the shooting of this video.. Beeboo the Furby.
It's fur is ours now!



  1. Oooh sooo pretty!
    I love how the outfit matches your hair! ^o^


    1. aww thank you for your kind words, lovely Adi <3 * w * <3

  2. thanks so much for the comment on my entry
    it means so much to be and I wanted to say THANK YOU in a more personal way.
    you are amazing.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  3. So magical, fairy love!! ♡♡♡
    ♡ Dulce

    1. <3 ( ^ w ^ ) <3 aww <3 thank you!


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