Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Outfit: Sick Deerling

 I'm never sick. 
My mom made me eat questionable foods (moldy cheese etc) when I was a kid (and big kid;)).
We decided with Ilar that it's the reason why I'm immune to (almost) every disease possible.

But of course when we had a week with no lessons ("winter holidays") 
I got sick * ^ *
It was just a flu. It was so random and shocking to me.
Last time I got sick was when I worked with kids 0_o 

Ilar had a sore throat too. But he took good care of me. Like he always does :)

I'm not sick anymore, yay!!
And I was so happy that I didn't have to skip school because of sickness :')
 So yeah, these pictures were taken when I was sick 
and my nose was super red.

 Maybe these pokémon helped to heal me up.

 Look at this surgical pikachu mask!
It's so creepy D:
... I love it!

These mask are super handy in winter.
They're so warm!

 So many deerlings.

 One day I didn't find matching socks...
Now I'm obsessed with the idea.

 Deerlings change their colours when seasons change...
Kinda like me and Ilar :'D

shirt: happy m0nday
skirt: hello sweetie store


  1. All that healing energy from the Pokémon definitely did the trick! Glad to hear you're feeling better. ^.^


    1. Thank you, dear Adi <3 I think so too ^ w ^ <3 pokémon are such kind creatures!!

  2. I was super stoked to see triple digits for this on Lookbook, because this look is amaaaaaazing. Balls to the wall amazing. Hehe <3

    - Anna

    1. <3 ; w ; <3 aww! so happy to hear that from you, Anna <3<3<3 thank you so much!! I'm so flattered :D


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