Thursday, 17 March 2016

Outfit: I'm not Swedish

It was a blue day outside so I decided to match with it.

Blue and yellow combo is something that makes Finns think about the Swedish flag.
I do like Sweden and the language (which I do speak, Heja!).

But yeah, I'm not Swedish. Just 100% Finnish :)

Apparently people say blue fits me well.
For example whenever we colour our hair blue it always gets such warm welcome.
I mean, I don't complain. I agree. ;)

Green is often quite opposite which is sad because both of us feel so natural with green.
But it's also so much fun >:)

Watching those nasty vultures..

Simba... I mean Eeyore!

Freckles are inspired by octopus this time. They're in this season... For me.

Eeyore bonding with patronus. They're both watching something... Down there..

Some heavy 90's influences in this shirt make me look like body builder.

shirt: thrifted (marimekko)
beret: old
lipstick: colourpop (mr bonde)
leggings: black milk
eeyore back pack: thrifted


  1. Blue days are beautiful. ^.^
    Hahaha I was about to say that blue is a very lovely/perfect color on you! xD


    1. Heehee :'D thank you, Adi <3<3<3<3
      Blue is amazing :)

  2. Hi!! I stumbled across your lookbook page and then checking out your lookbook page....I LOVE YOUR STYLE! and then I checked your blog out and read the 'We got Married' post...AHHH I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS<3 Marriage is not really my thing but it really warms my heart up reading it><!
    I'm your new fan from now on!! Your style is so cute and this even're so cute<3
    Reading your blog is making my day a little bit better:3
    Btw, The skirt is really cute with the stripy shirt... <3 x

    1. Hi, Rafa! :D
      Thank you so much for your super kind comment!!! It just made my day :D and Ilar's (of course)!

      aww thank you ; w ; <3 It really means a lot to us.
      We've talked a lot about marriage (do couples have to get married?) and it's so cool that not everyone wants it. And it's more than okay not to be in a romantic relationship in the first place ;)
      Guess I'm trying to say that it'd been cool to be a hipster when it comes to our relationship too :'D But yeah, we're happy this way.
      Anyways, I was so happy to hear that you loved to read that post >w< yay!

      I checked out your blog too and fell in love *o* you're so cute!!! Happy to find you too <3 <3 <3

  3. Electric! Awesome colors! <3

    - Anna

  4. What a great combo ! I´M SO ENVIOUS ABOUT YOUR BLACK MILK COLLECTION =D you have all the amazing things *o*

    1. Aww thank you sososo much, Rabbit ^ w ^ <3
      I used to buy new stuff from them like every month 0 . o so yeah, now I have a huge pile :'D
      I love your BM stuff too <3

  5. Your makeup is magical, love those octopus freckles! :)
    btw green feels so natural to me too!!
    ♡ Dulce

    1. awww <3 ; w ; <3 your kind words make me so happy!! thank you so much, Dulce <3
      yay! that's awesome! I love your mermaid hair :D so pretty!


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