Friday, 25 March 2016

Outfit: Friends of a Shark

We went fishing and got new friends.. Or at least one.
Btw: Blond hair!!!
New hair in next post >w<

Not sure if we've introduced him yet but he's called Brute.

We're bigger fans of fish than birds.
In fact Ilar LOVES fish (not on his plate ;)).

I wore my Lilo shirt backwards.
So more FISH :D

beret: thrifted
tee: thrifted
shirt: thrifted
skirt: ebay
leggings: black milk
lipstick: colourpop (mr blonde)

Look at Ilar!!
But what's new..?

"You haven't done your makeup..?"
asked one of our classmates.
"Um, no... I don't even use makeup" said Ilar.

We bleached his eyebrows :D
It's ghost Ilar season.

With his new goggles (and eyebrows) Ilar is ready for 
the upcoming adventures!

Buss drive to school for example.

vest: thrifted
tee: old
scarf: Moomin shop
goggles: old (second hand)
suspenders: ninja


  1. Brute looks like such a dreamboat. ~.o
    And the Lilo & Stitch shirt is too adorable for words!
    Love the new ghostly look! x)


    1. :'D hehe! aww, you are so cute, Adi!! Love your adorable comments!!
      Lilo and Stitch was my life as a kid :'D <3<3
      Thank you so much >w< <3

  2. AaaaaAAA~~~~!! Why you guys are so cute!!! ><
    Those fish leggings is the cutest!:^) I really love fishes, not on my plates tho, (except for sushi and spicy canned tuna...they're the best:^) )
    The idea wearing the shirt backwards so you can show more details of the outfit is brilliant:^)
    That googles is so cute! I've been searching for steampunk googles (+ helmet is better)...maybe i'll do DIYs...


    1. ; 0 ; aww! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rafa <3<3<3 You are so kind <3
      Sushi is heavenly <3 I used to love raw fish so much :D mmm!
      Oh! Steam punk helmet would look superb on you!!! :D <3

  3. Lve the aquatic theme!! Ilar's eyebrows look so good too :D
    ♡ Dulce

    1. <3 yay thank you :DD
      Haha, I really like them too :D he said he had to take some time to get used to them :') but he likes them. so yay!


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