Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Outfit: Feeling like a carrot

This dress... And this hair... Makes me feel like a carrot.
I do like carrots tho :D

This is a painting that my grandma has made.
I love the brave use of colours.
Orange is awesome!

I painted this frenchie.
I originally tried to make it using serigraphy technique a couple of years ago at school.
The colour I mixed was too light so it was just a ghost of a frenchie.
Glad I could use the "line drawing" as a guide when I was painting this :)

This is the "painting" when I'm not wearing it.
Boobs, sometimes...  
^ - ^ ;

Orange and blue (bluish shades) is one of my favourite combos
- because of contrasts.
I love contrasts.

I was feeling basic 
so orange it is.

dress: old + diy
mermaid scale leggings: black milk


  1. Love it :) and your hair is very pretty


  2. I agree with the sentiment re orange and blue. I have a sneaking suspicion that you will like my next post, then. :DDD Super cute dress!

    - Anna


    1. Omg can't wait!!!!!!! :D <3 and thank you >w< !

  3. This color combo!! Frenchie is total cutie :D
    ♡ Dulce

    1. So glad to hear that from you <3<3<3 thank you so much, Dulce :D you are the sweetest!


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