Sunday, 27 March 2016

Outfit: Blue Furby + Bleach London Blullini hair dye

Inspired by our nasty baby, a Furby called Beeboo.
I'm in love with this Marimekko dress.
The print reminds me of the flowers that Tove Jansson always drew on Moomin books.
Even children have pointed it out to me.

The question went like: "Lindi, why there are Moomin flowers in your dress?"

That's why I paired the dress with this Lady of the cold necklace
 that my sis made me <3
Thanks sis!!!


New hair, new hair, new hair!!
This picture is taken with a spot light so that the blue could be seen better.

Blue is Bleach London's Blullini.
It's like smoky baby blue colour.

We've noticed that it's not as durable as Awkward peach 
which is one of our all time favourite hair dyes.

Blullini is a unique pastel blue that you can get more easily rid off
(than the other blues on the market ;))

Beeboo agrees.

dress: marimekko
necklace: diy
furby: toysRus

Ilar wasn't so lucky with Beeboo...
It woke up D:

Ilar is not a happy daddy...
Beeboo smells quite BAD :S

Off to the bath.

Look at Ilar's new hair :)
I think the short hair turned out quite electric :D
Fluorescent glow and emerald green 

We'll post a video about our hair dyeing adventure soon :)

vest: thrifted
tee: old
pants: old + diy
belt: thrifted
furby: toysRus


  1. This color pallet is beautiful. Hair looks incredible, as always!
    ♡ Dulce

    1. aww <3 that means so much to us! thank you ; w ; <3

  2. Can't wait for your hair dyeing adventure video>:3
    AaaaAh!! I love the pic when you hold the furby near your dress, the furby looks like camouflaging itself:D it's so cute!
    And I really love your pastel green tights:^) The color is so dreamy!

    And the ripped jeans + safety pins is a nice idea, I think I'm gonna try it somewhere in the future~~haha^^

    1. Yay yay yay :'D happy to hear that!! <3
      ^ w ^ hehehe! That's so true! :'D it really is camouflaging, haha!
      thank you so much <3

      oh yeah! it'd suit you so well :D


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