Monday, 21 March 2016

Minty mints, strawberries and spruce fairy (Lush cosmetics)

We ordered something new from Lush!

First of all this thing! It's face and body mask; Mask of Magnaminty.
Fragrance is minty but more precisely this smells more like mint leaves and honey. Kinda weird. 
Colour is gray green... My favourite.. x)
Texture is nice and chunky. This looks like something I need for my skin. 
My oil infested skin has been longing for something exfoliating. 
We tried it once to see if my skin reacts to it negatively. It didn't and that's so nice!
 I'll keep using it and see if it does something,  


We were running low on massage bars.. :D

This is called Strawberry feels forever. It smells like strawberry chocolate. 
Very creamy and sweet scent. The Shape is so cute! :D
On a side note we've noticed that shower jellies with shape (such as Xmas edition Snowman)
don't last as long :S Which is sad but I bet it doesn't apply here though.

Yes, Yes, Yes massage bar in the other hand smells very flowery mixed with nuts! Intriguing! According to package it's supposed to be jasmine. I can agree with that now I think about it. 

I like the name because this is one thing I say quite often ;)

With these we got these two little freebies!
Veganese is conditioner which smells like ginger. It's all around really spicy but fruity. Mostly spicy though. I would even argue that I don't like this smell. Because.. Ginger for me.. Uhh, spare me!
Lind (who likes ginger) this reminds her from Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner's fragrance.
We're not biggest fans of that overly flowery scent but it has done it's job so can't complain too much.

Angels of bare skin is cleanser. Lind has had it before and it did it's job just fine. 
Quite expensive for the durability.
Fragrance is like Finland's coniferous forest in Autumn. Moss. Fresh, green moss. To Me it smells like that. Not the worst smell no but definitely unique. Very earthly smell all in all.
If you want to smell like spruce fairy this is thing for you!

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Nice, I love getting freebies! I'm actually a ginger addict, can never get enough of the taste & smell. The strawberry one is so precious :)
    ♡ Dulce

    1. We love it too! Ginger really is some special kind of spice (or I don't know is it spice of whatever it is). I've always felt bad when I am not liking something, it feels like I am hurting its feelings. :( I am glad someone likes ginger so it always can have some friends. :D


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