Saturday, 6 February 2016

Outfit: Snufkin likes + Moomin Video

 Snufkin, oh Snufkin. 
Everyone loves you <3

 Snufkin likes freedom, solitude and music.

 This tee is from my childhood... the good old 90's when everything was over sized.
No wonder I never wore this shirt.

 This hood terrified Me as a kid.


 But we do love Snufkin,
 so is okay.

 tee: old
skirt: black milk
lipstick: melt (blow)


Our trip to the Moominworld video!

Just a bunch of random clips mashed up together from our trip to Naantali Moominworld last summer. 
Blogpost about our trip -->

Video took while to edit because amount of material (most of it little bit too shaky for our liking because of course camera was handheld) and other projects but hope you enjoy reagardless! :D
Apologizes from little flicker at times and medicore sound mixing.



  1. I love the monochromatic green. I definitely need to try that! <3

    - Anna

    1. Oh!!! :D Happy that you liked it >w< thank you, Anna!! You are inspiration <3


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