Sunday, 14 February 2016

Outfit: Neon Cutie

We really love our new hair colour :)
It feels like our "natural" hair colour has come back.
This is us :)

So we celebrated the comeback with neony green/yellow outfits.


Me & my baby

I don't like this baby.

It's actually not even mine. It just keeps following me around. What a creep.

Yummy orange tummy.

bow: lavender latte
backpack: thrifted
collar: thrifted
brooch: DIY

Look at this cutie!

The zigzag part is dark green irl but it looks blue in these pictures : /
We need better lighting ; 0 ;

brooch: DIY
suspenders: ninja


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    1. Yay <3 thank you so much <3 >w< makes us happy!!
      We love our new hair sooo much too * . * hehe!


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