Thursday, 18 February 2016

Outfit: Moody Teddy + New make up video: Two toned eyeshadow - The Carrot

We are living simple times....

I use this dress all the time in winter because it's so warm and comfortable. 

Freckle season continues! Some people say sun enhances their freckles for me I think it's
the colourless, slushy ending of winter ;)

We've a nail in the wall where we usually keep a painting. Sometimes it looks way too awkward in the pictures and we try to come up with something to make it less visible.

So, here's teddy hanged in a nail. It's not dead, don't worry.

This leaf is coated with copper. 
Ilar really likes it because it's so fragile but at the same time quite strong.
He likes the bronze/copper colour and leaf reflects light beautifully as you can see in this picture. 
Strong light.

dress: marimekko (thrifted)
backpack: old
necklace: kelttikorut
lipstick: colourpop (mr. blonde)

Linds make up video time! Green and orange... Makes a carrot?
Check it out!



  1. You always have the best accessories!
    ♡ Dulce

  2. I love this look! So many pretty freckles. (>^.^<)


    1. Heehee, thank you, dear Adi ^ v ^ <3


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