Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Outfit: Koala Butcher

Seems like we've been having a bit grim tone lately...
-I never liked you.. Says the Butcher.
Koala butchers don't slaughter Koalas..

 ...They slaughter WITH koalas!

She only plays innocent.


-I only pretend to care. It's just for the show.
The ''Butcher'', 2016.

You'd think koalas eat eucalyptus but this one.. Is experimental..

What is something pastel that butcher cuts? 
Cotton candy?
 Or does she just want to be cute as she cuts human flesh?

-How will I handle you.. Just a quick, one chop..
 or continuous slicing until I don't know which part is which? 
*Koala suggests the second option*

This is the reason why some kids (Pippi Longstockings) should never grow up.

*After the massacre*
-Too bad. I was just starting to have fun..

-Oh well.. There's always more to go <3

choker: make me loco (etsy)
koala backpack: thrifted
dress: old


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