Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Moomin Gifts (Friendship series)

We got these for our wedding gifts from Lind's sister and her partner. They managed to surprise us really well with these (we didn't expect/ask for any present).
The surprise made these gifts even more special for us.

We got Cookie Jar and Pitcher(=I'd call it Juice Jug). 
They're from Moomin Friendship Series by Arabia. 

Pitcher and Jar are based on Tove Jansson's children's book: Who will comfort Toffle?
(Swe. Vem ska trösta Knyttet? Fin. Kuka lohduttaisi Nyytiä?)

I recommend you to check it out if possible. It's really short and the story is quite simple (because book is made for children) but you can always enjoy Tove's Moomin illustrations!

Shortly, it's story about loneliness; How you can be with people but still be alone. 

Pitcher is appealing light blue containing two different prints one on either side.
I've always liked light blue. It reminds me of my blanket called Riepu (Eng. Rag).
My favourite colour (silvery purple and -blue) is maybe slightly different colour than this but 
this is still nice! Lind likes the colour too.

I like the art in this one. It's so joyful and happy. Snufkin is so small that he can fit into a flower..
Impressively... Personally my favourite prints are: Well made ''looping prints''. That means the print loop is made so brilliantly you don't realize that you're actually looking a print instead single painting.

Both of these contained a sticker and under it read following:
We can relate to Toffle's and Miffle's story. Another reason we love these gifts so much.

There's a party in this jar!
A lot of colours and black. Large pieces of black
reflects the feeling of darkness, shadows and night in general. 
I like the colour scale all though it's not my favourite. There's little bit too much going on 
but the execution and composition of colours is really good. 
Really controls eye movement.

Jar's print is just one print that loops twice. Colours support the ambience well. Picture itself is really active and even hectic in my opinion; just as I consider parties to be. In book this was not my favourite page because the party looks hectic and noisy and looks just unpleasant place to be. 
I would not like to be there but all in all it's a beautiful print. What I like the most in this is the colours and the use of colourful foreground and shadowy figures of background. Of course I love the characters such as little drummer, Too-ticki, Mymble and my favourites: Hattifatteners.
Why there's hattifatteners in this party anyway? 
Aren't everyone afraid of their electricity and trippy lifestyle?
Storywise picture is really good. Brings out the loneliness of poor little Toffle. 

''In the middle of the night in dark woods, there's a party, bright spot of the night. 
 A lot of noise, colours and joy. Everyone, careless together.
 Yet somehow, someone was left alone to the embrace of the shadow, 
by the tree, devoured by the darkness. Silently''

Plastic circle alongside of cap is there for to preserve cookies. Works for us.
I approve.

We had thought about buying the pitcher before because we though we needed another one. We never came around to that because they're relatively expensive and we have so much Moomin kitchen hardware already.
This pitcher is what we already had. It's B&W and we both like it a lot. It's picture of moomintroll running through another picture. 

I've never really analyzed this pitcher this closely but this is just what I love about Moomin prints.
It's really well made loop. In fact so well you don't realize it's same picture on both sides. Loop point is so well hidden; it's one of the reeds.. :O I know right. Really much Tove Jansson style. I love it. Moomintroll's white outlinings are the reason spot is so easy to miss which just enhances the perfection of this picture,
What it comes to ambience of the picture itself it is so dark and sinister. Very movie like picture. Horrifying, like the viewer is the serial killer in a way. Love it!

We got to using these right away! Thanks for lovely wedding presents friends!
They are perfect gifts for us in every way possible! Made us so happy.



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