Friday, 5 February 2016

Lush products &.... Mystery "meat" sausage..?

Short post about what we ordered from Lush.
In Finland we still got these all 50% off :D

Let's start with Massage bars which are really oily 
(they actually started melt in my hands as I was taking these photos). As you see we bought two.
In addition we got the free case which is supposed to preserve our bars.
 I bet the case works better on these; massage bars than with shampoo. 
Our shampoo case is.. stuck.. x)

Hottie smells like strong ginger and blackpepper. It's nice and spicy all though little bit strange.
What I am more curious about is that Hottie is supposed to make you warm and thus stimulate your blood circulation. We haven't really used much of massage bars (except Tender Is the Night) and this is quite intriguing but very logical feature put to massage bar. 
Little nubs are supposed to increase contact when spreading product on skin.

Shades Of Earl Grey smells lemon and Earl Grey Tea. I really like the smell of Tea so this was really nice. Citrus is little bit too dominating in my opinion though. It's not bad thing no but Lush 
already has so much Citrus type of fragrances. 
Shades Of Earl Grey is supposed to (much like Tender is the Night) leave velvety skin.

Cute family portrait to wrap things up. 

This is the first ''FUN'' product we've ever bought from Lush. The idea according to Lush's website is
''Versatile and mouldable, Fun can be soap, shampoo, bubble bar or whatever you want it to be 
-The only limit is your imagination'' We'll sure make video with this :D
We chose Snakes and Ladders one because it has a lot cute colours. We like colours.

Here's couple bubble bars which will be featured in a video in the future. 
I don't showcase them more at this post but we got Five Gold Rings and Bar Humbug. 

We got little bonus surprise with the package! It's a little soap; Bohemian.
Fragrance is overwhelming citrus. Citrus soaps in general have received good
critic from visiting friends in our household. So, I'd say this is visitors' favourite.

Random thing I want to include with this post is this mystery "meat" plate.
These sausages are actually made of soy and are 100% vegetarian.
They're soy chorizo. Very spicy and wonderful in my opinion.
I hadn't had any kind of ''good quality'' soy sausages before so I fell in love in first taste.
They're wonderful sad part is that these cost a fortune so... Not much chorizo for me :(
Alas, maybe someday this stupid country accepts the fact that meat is not good for
environment and thus there's no need for overly expensive plant protein products...



  1. Ooohh, "Snakes and Ladders" looks like lots of fun! I've never tried any Lush products but all your hauls/reviews make me want to try them so bad!!
    I can totally relate on overly expensive plant protein and, really, any veg friendly alternatives. I tend to stock up on my favs when they're on sale :D
    ♡ Dulce

    1. Hehe, I absolutely recommend Lush all though some products can be little bit overly priced there x)
      I hope we would have sales for plant protein products, haven't run in to any so far :S


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