Monday, 29 February 2016

A wild pastry chef appeared

We had our "late private wedding party" with Lind's sister and her partner. 
Lind's sister, Miisa, had made kawaii felted figures from us. 
They're really cute... and soft!!
We really love them, thank you :D

Miisa is a pastry chef so behind ''us''.. It's a tower of
cream puffs filled with red velvet filling.
It was yummy!

This was our wedding cake. It was a chocolate cake with blondie brownie. 
Almost always Miisa bakes a cake when we meet but of course wedding cake must have at least 
two layers says the pastry chef and yes, it was really big for four people.
We ate it as much as we could the following days ;)

Cake tasted really good. One of the best actually in my opinion.
So moist and chocolaty with stunning sweetness.
We both really liked the cake.
Thank you so much Miisa!

It's a map of Moomin valley. Fitting for all of us (We all love Moomins).
You can tell how much effort there has been put into this cake. It's amazing.
It's so colourful and you know us... :) Also, loving the gradient style.

Hemulen having intense conversation with Moomin mamma.

This over exposed thing is a marshmallow. They were really good.
Lind really loved them! She's a big fan of marshmallows and Miisa knows that :D

I don't know the technique behind these but they were hard but soft at the same time.
One of the best parts of this cake! 

Much bouquet!

Groke and Stinky, Bloodbrothers.. or Parabatai?

(It took us so long to finish eating our main course, raclette,
that the red berries started melting. And that lead to this... blood? Poor Stinky :) )

Lind loved the red velvet. It's not my personal favourite but it fit the cream puffs nicely!
Cute presentation!

Filling.. See? Yummy!

These cuties are Mochis. They contain really odd texture. Lind liked these as well and I must admit; I didn't x) we got three different flavours; Coconut, Sesame seed and... Durian..
Durian didn't really smell too bad for us.
Miisa had bought them and wanted us to taste them too. It was really nice of her!
Lind is already craving those sesame ones.

We had a great time and so much yummy foods, thank you for celebrating with us!

Miisa you can make more cakes for us. We don't mind. Actually, do them for everyone.
Everyone loves tasty cakes :)
Thanks again!!

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