Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Outfit: Hobgoblins

 Our Moomin series is back (^ 3 *)
This time I did the Hobgoblin. And Ilar did too!! :D yay!

It's soo weird to see us in all black outfits... Kinda creepy even (* ^ *)

Ready to deploy her magic for a favour.. ;)

Hobgoblin's treasures.

 Hobgoblin has these amazing big eye lashes which I tried to mimic with this makeup.

''...- It looked more like a hobgoblin riding his panther through the sky''
Panther roars quite often in anime.

hat: christy's london
bodysuit: black milk
pvc skirt: black milk

I think this must be princess amethyst!

All though eyes look like something Hobgoblin would have
Ilar needs a longer beard to be more authentic wizard in general.

Body shape is spot on though. Imagine him in a dark purple jumpsuit...


  1. what a lovely post my dear
    and thanks so much for the comment
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  2. Replies
    1. So happy to hear that, Crissy <3 Thank you!! :D

  3. You look absolutely stunning in that dress! Wowza. <3 Love your dude's vest!

    - Anna


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