Saturday, 2 January 2016

Outfit: flying Kimmo monster

My winter candy makeup.

Ilar got sick on new year's eve so we spent the day in bed.
We propably would have done so anyways because we aren't big into "partying" ;)
But yeah, he's still recovering.

This character is sooo ugly that it's amazing <3 I love it to bits.

It reminded of a character in Kim Possible whose name was Kimmo  in Finnish (Eng. Gil).
 Kimmo turned into a lake monster so this one is a flying Kimmo... which is even worse D:

I wore this shirt once at work and a coworker of mine complimented it...
I think she didn't see the print before she opened her mouth :'D

I made this necklace many years ago.
Moomin <3

This Doraemon was a random gift from our dear friend and class mate :D
She's so lovely! Thanks again <3

Kimmo bow.

shirt: Haldin
leggings: black milk
necklace: DIY
hair accessory: gift

Happy New Year friends <3


  1. I love your outfit! So bright and cozy.<3
    P.S: Kim Possible was one of my favorite cartoon shows!!

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheesePapas

    1. Thank you! ^ w ^
      Kim Possible was soo funny :D glad you liked it too <3<3

  2. You're absolutely perfect! From head to toe ^_^ The print on your shirt is hard to miss when you're just glancing really quick, but it gets even better when you realize what is it. Happy New Year :)

    1. >//w//< aww thank you so much!!! <3 So happy to hear that!

      Happy new year to you too :D

  3. so cute <3 (i'm browsing your archives ^^)

    1. aww thank you :D glad you are doing that <3<3<3 ^___^


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