Monday, 18 January 2016

Outfit: Citrus Haribo

 Yellow and green is one of my favourite colour combos.
They are also our favourite hair colours :)
They are so summery... <3

 Yay, we are so happy and proud to present you our newest member of the backpack family.
The crazy Haribo teddy bear.

Look at its expression... 0_o
We had a long talk about Haribo Teddy's personality.
We came to a conclusion that Haribo is a childlike pervert.
Haribo doesn't know the rules and does whatever comes to its mind.

 I've always wanted to own a see trough bag!

 Cutest green ever.

 I love Lucy. She's the boss.


 backpack: thrifted (haribo)
leggings: black milk
badge: thrifted

 Haribo wanted to be in Ilar's pictures too.

 Ilar asked me to make him a citrus girl.
He's really pleased with her expression.

 This is the Hollywood smile.

 Now I know why Haribo wanted to be in these pics... Typical..

shirt: thrifted (Marimekko)
brooch: DIY
bag: thrifted


  1. I love that backpack :)

    M.Dee |

    1. That's so nice :D thank you, M.Dee!!!

  2. Definitely picking up the same vibes on Haribo teddy personality :D
    Really love your handmade brooch; yellow is always such a happy color!!
    ♡ Dulce

    1. >w< haha!!! I'm happy to hear that (if you can say so ;))
      Yay <3 thank you, my friend <3 I appreciate that!!


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