Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Xmas Sale Lush Haul!

We went to a Lush's Xmas sale after spending many xmas days with our biological families.

Everything was 50% off! It was such an amazing feeling.
Shopping helped cure our Xmas blues ;)

Look at this jiggler! As you see it's called Refresher and smells really fruity and crisp! 
It's always such a joy to buy one of these things. Can't wait to try it out!

We haven't done research what's more durable; jelly or cream but
in the end it wouldn't matter because I think these are my personal favourite products from Lush
(After bath bombs) and I'd end up buying them anyway. :D
Lind would love to have rose jam scented jelly!
Have you tried these? If so, do you prefer jelly or cream? 

We also bought big bottle of Yuzu and Cocoa. I think it's not my favourite but 
still absolutely delightful. Lind prefers more sweeter scents and as a side note; 
She likes chocolate called Orange Krokant which is dark chocolate with orange pieces 
(I think it's all right but nothing spectacular). This smells exactly like it. 

We were running low on hair conditioner so we bought a big bottle!
 Our last conditioner was solid conditioner from lush. 
We didn't like it. We have had ''American Cream'' before and it was nice. 
We assume this is more like it and more suitable for our hair type.

This smells like toothpaste! I love it!
 Lind needs her body conditioners and we decided to try this one.
She tried it on her leg but it didn't tingle as it... Should?
What's up with tingling body conditioner anyway? xD
Smells great though!

I wanted this because of its colour! We had a bath bomb called just as this one; Lord of Misrule.
Bomb was really good bath experience so I put this one to test!
Hard to pin point what it actually smells but definitely unique! I like it. 
Lind said it smells kinda like coca cola. I agree. It's sweet but little bit spicy.

We bought a little smaller bottle. Look how cute!

Couple of soaps jumped into the basket as well. 
We have had Yog Nog and Baked Alaska before and fell in love with them.
This year's newcomer was Reindeer Rock. It smells like Sweetie Pie which actually was my first 
experience with Lush' shower Jellies. I am so glad to have this fragrance back!
      Soap is so cool looking too! Just like a rock with some ancient carvings of... Reindeers...! Right..

We bought some mysterious bath bombs too! Much of them.
I'll be posting them individually when time is right!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh how nice!! I should have gone while the sales were still good. >___>
    Wishing you two a happy new year and sending tight hugs!!<3333333333

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheesePapas

    1. Awww :S Happy new year to you too Adi! <3


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