Monday, 21 December 2015

Outfit: Snow Pegasus + video, Xmas calendar, day 21: Xmas tree!

This outfit is inspired by Pegasus and white lipstick. Also Groke is scary.

I've got two kind of  Pegasus, Rainbow ones that are galloping through space...

...And an ordinary ol' Peg who is white and galloping on my hair.

I really like this lipstick! It's Jeffree Star's Drug Lord and it comes really handy
when mixing with other colours but looks amazing on its own too!

This lantern is so tiny and kawaii :-)

beret: thrifted
pegasus: Janine Basil
skirt: o-mighty
lipstick: Jeffree Star (drug lord)
choker: total pansy


New video! Xmas calendar, day 21: Xmas tree!
In this one Ilar is decorating Xmas tree.
Check it out!



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