Friday, 11 December 2015

Outfit: Pink n Hungry monsters + video Xmas calendar, day 11

 New hair!
I really like how Ilar's short hair turned out :)

This part reminds me of skunk's tail :3

shirt: mr gugu & miss go
backpack: claire's
shoes: irregular choice

"I love lasagna!"
We love it too, Garfield! Especially with textured soy protein and eggplants.
This is getting kinda embarrassing... but this cardigan is my mom's old too :')

Carebear backpack: junkk yard
dress: black milk
leggings: black milk
bow: lavender latte
badge: thrifted


New video! Xmas calendar day 11: Xmas nails! Check it out!
Lind is decorating her nails to be more Xmassy!



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