Monday, 28 December 2015

Outfit: Elf Lind

This is how I'd look if I was an xmas elf :)


Flowers, risen from the freezing ground, solid, but not defiled. Now cover the face
of an elf. Elf from the frozen land. Time has stopped there. Silently.. Frozen shut. 
And little stars from space so empty. Burning with cold flame, in place,
Dissolved slowly by the inevitable darkness and cold. Always glimmering like ice, beautifully.

-poem by 'Lar
he decided that he's now our blog poet too

The creep in foreground is called Blondie Lockes.


These teddy bears look so edible. Colour is so sweet, like toffee. 

Blondie is still considering colouring her hair. She says it would ruin the point. 

bows: ebay
dress: thrifted

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