Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Outfit +story about our life: We are actually siblings btw

I want to share with you something funny that happened to me in school while ago.
I was in lunch with couple of our class mates (Lind was sitting on other table because she had meeting with her project management group).

 We were chatting just about everything but suddenly something funny came up about me and Lind.

2nd year animation students had speculated the relationship of me and Lind. How?

Well, they speculated if we were siblings (with really twisted relationship?) or a couple.
They had asked one of Lind's class mates (who I was having lunch with) what's up with us.
Funniest part was that Lind's class mate couldn't really give them straight answer for sure (maybe because he had himself wonder same thing) :D 

We thought this was hilarious! I mean come on we don't even look a like.
We only have a matching hair and colours and no, it didn't insult us. It was just funny how twisted animators' minds can be. Especially those who are anime fans.
 This reminded us from anime ''No Game No Life'' of which first episode we watched. It was quite incestic, let me say, besides it was all around bad.

Our inspiration to this outfit was the Weasley's siblings.

New hair!
with a spidery twist.

The lighter colour is Bleach London's Awkward Peach.
It's really hq.

written by -'lar


  1. Dude, that's really cool. You guys are like the most hip siblings ever. Hehe. Admittedly, I made that erroneous assumption as well. You guys are so close and I think that's great. <3 It's rad that both of you have a passion for fashion and art, also. :D

    - Anna

    1. Thanks, Anna! It's funny how much same coloured hair can affect peoples minds. :)

  2. Actually, I love that you both have matching hair... but I can't imagine that would be the sole basis on whether you are or aren't related. Did you finally tell them or let them to keep on guessing?

    1. Our class mates know but we just let them keep on guessing xD They could always find out the truth by just asking :p


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