Friday, 13 November 2015

Outfit: Hello There Sailor

Ilar and worm go almost full on sailor!
All though Turku is located at the coast of Finland 
we can't really get to near water easily. Pity, because water is key element at ''sailoring''

What a suitable bag to this session.

Tom of Finland approved sailors as you might see... :D

bowtie: thrifted
ear plugs: the Gauge Queen
t-shirt: Teja Jamille
bag: Finlayson

Jaws: Reloaded. Starring Lindworm. 

Surprise attack once again!

Cute sea monsters!

Yea, they're still swimming upside down...

You never leave Ol' Cornelius.

This is an old garter belt that I decided to use a little differently :)

hat: mademoiselle opossum
collar: thrifted
moomin badge: moomin shop
dress: tanyasum
tights: Teja Jamille
bag: thrifted
sea shell confetti: miniature sweet 

-'lar and Lind


  1. Replied back!
    cute indoor outfit btw Princess :D

    1. Thank you, Ken!! :D
      I'll check out my email

  2. Both outfits look like so much fun :)

    1. Thank you so much *w* we're happy to hear that!


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