Monday, 2 November 2015

Outfit: Freezing Digital Monsters

In Finland Digimon has reached a cult status thanks to its low class original Finnish dub.
There're rumors that the cast was drunk when dubbing...
They have done their best to keep their identity secret 

Watch it if you dare!
Some of the most precious memories of a Finnish 90's kid

Garurumon and Yamato.
I was so amazed to find this tee :D

Yeah it's ice...

As a kid I was team pokémon and Ilar was team Digimon.
They are both great tho ^ 3 ^ <3

tee: thrifted
brain shirt: black milk
bow: lavender latte shop
boots: moon boot

Ilar is wearing the typical Digimon combo:
tee and mittens 

Not the real real Digimons but evil monsters non the less.

Evil unicorn.

So cold!
Lets never underdress again!!
> ^ <


  1. LOL they sound a little drunk. xD hahahah
    I used to watch Digimon too, so many nice memories. :)
    Your outfits are amazing as usual!

    1. Haha :'D yeah, it's so horrible!!
      Yay! Happy to hear that you watched it too :D <3

      Thank you, Adi <3<3<3

  2. awesome as always- also your makeup is so good teach me your ways

    1. >w< hehe awww! Thank you, Ann <3<3<3

  3. That brain top is amazing. <3 Love your dude's shirt, too!

    - Anna


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