Friday, 27 November 2015

Outfit: Free Wild Flower

Let the wild flowers grow free.


Text in this sweater is so naive and obvious but
 that's what makes it kinda cute :)
and I do love the symbolism in this text.
I didn't read the text when I bought this sweater ^ - ^; heh

Wild flowers should be left to grow in their natural habitat
they can create a colourful background to our countryside..
...they create a protective environment for other wild life
Bees collect pollen from their flowers
and other insects find shelter...

I'll never get tired of these cuties.

* 3 *

Beret: thrifted
lipstick: LA splash (Severo)
collared shirt: happy m0nday
sweater: thrifted
leggings: Black Milk
shoes: moon boot


  1. love your style! that eeyore backpack is adorable :)

    Emma Amitis

  2. Yes, totally agree with your sweater! Love, accessories are always on point :))

    1. :D yay!! I'm always so happy to receive comments from you <3 love them!!


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