Thursday, 8 October 2015

Outfit: Sailor Eris

Meet Lind as the sailor scout Eris (Located in sailor moon universe).
Character structure is based on actual story of plutoid. Eris was the one reason why Pluto's
''planet title'' was changed to Plutoid or Dwarf planet. She redefined the poor Pluto. What a bitch! Sailor scout Eris is destructive force but heroine none the less!
She's a quite different than other Sailor Scouts.

Eris is active and very present. She's the one who would never sit quietly in the corner.
If Eris can't really shine in a task at hand or have attention needed, she tends to underachieve,
taking everyone down with her.
Her outfit differs from other Sailor scouts. She's just as cute as she is vulgar.

Rebel, anarchist, lone wolf, and certainly NOT a team player.
Don't get on her way, you'll regret it!

Being anti-heroine has its benefits! Eris can be just as sexy as the bad guys but cuter! 
Eris doesn't need skirt! They're for good girls!

Her outfit is of course more practical on fighting situations. 
She represents new wave of Sailor scouts.

Being such small plutoid Eris really stands out. With her slightly threatening details!

Cute hat and bored, serious expression tells it all!

Black and Purple are her colours! 
Stars reflect her personality well; if you get close to them you get burned
and they can be more destructive than what you might not expect but admire them far they can
be quite harmonic and beautiful.
She's not ashamed to show her transformation pose from behind! 

Beanie: Tiny Moon
Shirt: Happy Monday
Leggings: Black Milk
Shoes: Underground
Choker: Sucre Noir
Lipstick (Criminal): LA Splash
Stars: Miniature Sweet


  1. Hahahaha. That shirt! Omfg. I wouldn't have the balls to wear it. Love it, though! Rad leggings, too!

    - Anna

    1. Aww Anna <3 <3
      :'D haha yeah it's kinda weird... and I'm obsessed 8D
      Thank you!!! <3


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