Monday, 12 October 2015

It's tea time, Lindworm! + Frozen cereal?

Look what we found! Frozen cereal by Kellogg's. Such a cute package don't you think? 

Such a great movie. Despite that what some people say about Olaf.
I think Olaf is special kind of character and I really think he really fits well into the movie. I like him!
We need more such sarcastic side kicks rather than those ''cute'' and boring ones... We really do..

I personally don't eat cereal because they make me feel sick and 
I have bad memories attached to them. It's really sad but I like the taste of them.
Lind, however, loves cereal. She takes usually long breaks after finishing package but she likes them.

 Lind said they tasted sweet, basic and light. Like a snow. She eats snow... She's a dragon.

Actual point why I am writing this post is this tea. I want to recommend both of them if you
consider yourself a tea fanatic like us. Our favourite tea type is white tea (without milk or sugar).
They're by our favourite brand Forsman Tea. Here's link to their website.
Forsman Tea has really reasonable prices for such quality Tea.
This really helps survive harsh weather of Finland (all though summer is often all right).

Emperor's Choice (Red and black package; Keisarin Malja) is black tea.
It's flavoured with lychee, rose quince with orange, pineapple pieces, and saflor and lily flower petals.
It's really tasty and sweet. Fruits and petals really bring out the sweetness.
 Black tea isn't Lind's favourite tea type but she liked the sweetness of it.
I really enjoy black tea and this was not exception. 
Lind likes her tea little lighter than me. Tea has lovely, warming brownish orange colour really 
adds the feeling to a hot beverage.

Secondly we have Lapland's Magic (white package; Lapin Lemmenjuoma) which is green sencha spiced with cloudberries, orange, clove, and orange crust pieces. 
I think this was good but not good as Emperor's choise, not as memorable though. It was good though, It was quite sweet for a green tea (which I consider least sweet of the bunch).
Scent was amazing though. I remember it. Such strong herby scent.
 It must have been the cloves and orange. We didn't notice orange as much when we tasted it.
However, I recommend this. It was good.
Light yellowish, slightly greenish colour. We need to drink this more.

Thanks for reading this short cereal/tea post! These are fun to write.

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