Saturday, 3 October 2015

Creative block (Random Ramble)

I have been little bit ill for a while (nothing serious, just cold) and I've made some observations about myself. Sometimes focusing on one creative job is difficult for me. I haven't really done anything significant movie posts to our blog, edited new videos nor have I done much creative writing on my free time either, it really pains me. I don't feel accomplished. I don't know why I happen to be like this sometimes and no, I am not depressed, not at all.
(In Finland many people suffer from ''autumn depression'' which I've never truly understood. I guess it's something to do with all this darkness and upcoming cold winter. I don't have that though I know that for certain.)

What I've come to realize there's some things that really block my creativity.
1. Brain overload. I can't focus on one thing at the time if there's like three or four jobs that I should do. Because I can't focus I end up doing either of those jobs. I just get anxious when I haven't done something already. Sounds crazy. I know. 

2. School. It's supposed to help me with creative atmosphere but it doesn't. It's mainly because first year of the school is something I've already learned. Don't get me wrong I learn a lot at my school but it's sometimes frustrating when classmates interrupt the teacher with something stupid such as ''Why can't camera movement read on a script?''. I get it they're learning but couldn't they find out something so blatantly basic stuff on their own. It just shows there's not much dedication among some of my classmates which surprises me considering how hard it was to get in to school in a first place.
This frustration sometimes continues to my free time after school and that's awful. Luckily, I have Lind to help me out with this. She really is the best. I couldn't manage without her.

3. Physical limitations such as illness or tiredness. This is quite simple but has been bothering me forever. I can't do anything or even think straight if I am tired or something simple as basic cold can interrupt my thoughts completely. 

This combination has been bothering me pretty painfully lately but I feel I am getting hold of myself again. I don't know what it is but I sometimes react to changes this weirdly. 
This period is nothing special but just annoying fact I've to face at least once a year. Mainly it's all about changes such as school and stuff.  

I have been getting better at adapting to changes past couple years and I believe this kind of problem doesn't bother me on future as long as I keep up my progress.

Thanks for reading and please, feel free to tell me about your creative blocks :)


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