Sunday, 20 September 2015

Trip to the Moominworld

We went to (Finland's) Moomin world with Lind's sister and her boyrfriend. 
It was sunny and warm day at August. 
Lind has been in there for five consecutive summers.

Pretty dim picture but look at the sky! .....Clouds!

Like every summer there was new attraction; Moomintroll's house. 
We couldn't really shoot inside it because it was swarming with little children. They asked who we were and Lind's sis told our names. A kid said: "Oh, we are looking for the Moomins. Bye!"

 But hey, here's picture of me dangling in a large nail.
Good. Job.
You can see part of yellow slide built within.
It was pretty accurate copy from house in Moomin anime.

Lind at Moomin valley's fire station. Not a happy firefighter.

I managed to take this picture near the closing time. It had been really busy day!
Much people. Much babycarriers and everyone knows how much we love those contraptions
 at crowded areas, yes?

Here's some pictures we managed to take inside moominhouse.

Very professional painting right here. 

Comfy chair... ZzzZzZZZzz...

What ever might be this mysterious device?

It was hattifatteners' barometer after all.
Hattifatteners live only to get trips from certain things such as lighting strike...
What a strange bunch. (They are elves btw)

Poor Groke. She's always so lonely. Lind is shivering with... cold.
Groke's cave had really nice ambient music within. Relaxing but sad and melancholic piano strings.

King's Ruby!
Wait... how did it get there? Where's Thingumy and Bob? Didn't they give this to Mr. Hobgoblin?

Next up we went to a Hemulen's house / garden. 

Lind is a real butterfly.

For some reason Hemulen has really big butterfly collection.

Lind met Moominmamma who kindly let us take a picture with her.
But after this picture Lind demanded more. Moominmamma declined politely and pointed out that there was little children who wanted to hug her too. Lind didn't take no for an answer and attacked Mamma. It was rough beating which ended up only when Policemen came around and separated those two.

Lind was locked in jail for her crimes. Poor criminal Wörmi.

After she had escaped from jail with help of her criminal gang. She went buy a lollipop with a money she stole from Mamma's purse. When the police came looking for us it was our que to leave.

All in all it was nice experience once again. We managed to capture some video footage too but we'll see if it's any good later on.

If you ever visit in Finland in Summer consider visiting in Moomin world.
But I don't recommend theater performances. Subtitles are the worst believe me ;)
They're opening Moomin world in Japan in 2017. It's called Metsä (Eng: Forest) which is
little bit strange because it's challenging to pronounce for a Japanese person. That's all right though :D
We'll visit Metsä as soon as possible :)
Thanks for reading!


  1. I'd just want to live there and never leave. Hahaha
    You two are my favorite blogging couple! ^.^<333
    And the lillipop is definitely the cherry on top.

    Vegetarian CourtesyCheese with Papas

    1. Thank you, Adi! We really appreciate your kind words! :)

  2. Here in Canada we never got to enjoy Moomin but I have been enjoying learning about it now as I have gotten older from blogs and things. That place looks so magical, but really how can a place with a yellow slide coming out of a house not be! You guys always look so awesome and I laughed at the jail story! Such a fun day!


    1. It really was fun day indeed :) and yeah, it's too bad that even though how much Tove tried (and she really did) Moomins just never managed to do needed breakthrough in North america. :S

  3. Thank you for sharing, really enjoy reading. Everything looks so magical there!! :)

    1. You're welcome! Glad you liked it Dulce! :)

  4. goooosh you look so incredibly cute :3 Love your shoes, I´m well jealous!

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts


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