Monday, 7 September 2015

So, how's school? (Life update) + new video woooo

Ilar hasn't posted for a while you might say and I'd answer to that simply: Yes, I haven't. Because of life changes but guess what?
I've managed to edit a new video for you all. Woooo... woo .. ooo... It's made from material we filmed in summer and outfit featured in it has been posted on separate blog post for a long time now
 (note our hair colour).
Why? Well, because I forgot the video material existed in a first place. It had a lot material (about 25 minutes) but I think I did decent job at chopping it to a 10% of its former glory!
Here you go. Enjoy!

Lind is smelling a flower... Aww!


So, life update. How has school started for us.
Well pretty boring I must say. Info lectures back to back: Where's new class rooms, Who're new teachers. What courses you're supposed to take? Who's the janitor? and so on. Unis/colleges are always like this (at least in Finland). 

But this week we started actual studying! Yay! Sad thing is that it's basic course to photography... -,- And might I remind you that neither of us studies photography. They say it's important in every media focused professions I don't necessarily agree 100%.
But hey, luckily, we have actual use for these teachings! (Because of our blog) We've learned to shoot our photos manually and all that I knew about photography started to make sense. I am already familiar to artistic side of photography because I can transfer my knowledge about cinematography (which I've studied for a year) to it quite well but I've really learned the technical aspects of camera! Wow! We've got also a Photoshop class mixed within but I don't care much for it. Lind knows Photoshop well enough for our taste! :P
It really was shocking that one of our class mates, 30 year old, mother of a child, didn't knew that Photoshop is used to modify people look like aliens in magazines.. I mean really.. Where she has been raised? In a barrel? No. Wrong answer. -In Finland's countryside. -,-.. 

Our class is all right for the most parts. We're in same class and all though there are
some little obnoxious people in our class (at least the first impressions of them aren't the best)
it doesn't matter because all I need to do with them is work. 
You don't need to be soul mates with everyone.
Of course there are some nice people to balance things out, which is nice. :)

Thanks for reading this really quick, really short life update made by Ilar.



  1. I loved the video! It was very whimsical and charming. :) School has started back for me and it's been hectic. Good luck on your classes!

    1. Great that you liked the video! :) Thank you and good luck for you too Sarah! :P

  2. nice video! I luv your hair!

    1. Thank you Selene! Glad you liked the video!

  3. Rad. I'm glad school's going well for you guys. The core courses are usually the ones that no one cares about. Haha. You just have to get through them. :P At least photography seems useful. I mean you do a lot of it, already, it seems. :D

    - Anna

    1. Thanks Anna! :) Yea, Photography has already been quite useful for us! All though a lot of home work. hehe

  4. Glad to hear your classes are coming along. Wish you both all the best in your studies :)

    ♡ Dulce


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