Sunday, 13 September 2015

Lush in far far away land (lush haul)

We don't live in Helsinki anymore as you might know and sadly our beloved, Finland's only
 Lush stores remain only in there. :( Oh well...
We went to comic book festival last Saturday and refilled our Lush stocks (soaps etc)
So what we bought? Well a lot of things but here is what is actually new to us!
We bought three soaps (for kitchen, bathroom and WC) this is Lind's favourite.
It smells like fruit salad. Really fresh smell.
(Colour is very light green)

This is my personal favourite; Rock Star. I'd describe the scent most accurately by saying
it's creamy caramel. Mmm. Pink is so brave colour, don't you think? At least if you consider it's past :P

This is part of Lush' Mother's day collection! I guess it didn't sell very well in Finland because mother's day is at Spring x) Soap smells like grass and flowers. It's nice though! 
Colour and picture in a big ''soap wheel'' is cute! (Here's google link to it)

''Beep boop, maggot. Beep, boop.''
-Soldier, Team fortress 2.
This is part of Lush standard collection. We don't have actually tried it before so look forward on detailed bathbomb post. Yey! Cute bot though!

After we had bought these we received Lush random act of kindness gift. It was shower gel,
called It's raining men! It was really nice surprise and we think it was maybe because we bought so much of stuff -but hey, random bonus! Here's link to it!
Gel smells lovely! Much honey. Much sweetness. :) (Lind loves it)

Here's something else I thought needed some showcasing. Vegan toothpaste!
 We bought three flavours Aloe vera (which is our favourite), Tea tree and Mint & Green tea from Finnish eco shop called Ruohonjuuri.
My gums are quite sensitive and some toothpastes irritate my gums to the point they get wounded. It's not nice. These work perfectly though! :P
It's funny that we're used to minty fresh taste you get after brushing your teeth. These
(except Mint one, slightly) don't give that feeling. They give you quite damp feeling; Did I really brush my teeth xD These don't even really foam.
But all in all it doesn't matter -but it's a random point none the less.
I strongly suggest eco toothpastes! They work just as good as ''normal'' tooth paste!

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