Tuesday, 29 September 2015

BBBB: Baby Bot Bath Bomb

Here's another bath post for you featuring Ickle Baby Bot which is part of Lush's standard collection.
This cute mr. robotic radiated with calming herb scent. 
All though this bot is really cute we've haven't picked it before because we assumed the
 visual experience to be underwhelming because of it's light colour.

*Beep boop* says robot with tiny, mechanical voice. 
I love light blue colour. It reminds me of babies. Bot is quite small too, coincidence?

*Beep boop*
Rest in pepperonis! We expect quite mild colour but strong scent!
We decided to use whole bot because it was so small.
*Beep boop* *Error! Error! Water in a system* Bot melts slowly and painfully.
I really like this picture! Blue sensation!

Scent is strong. 
Bot was advertised to be calming and relaxing. I agree on that.
Strong but pleasant herby scent.


In the end water was as expected light blue water. It reminded us from swimming hall.
It was all right nothing spectacular.

Thanks for reading this quick bath post! :)

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