Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Seitan steak burger

We made Seitan steaks! They're vegan substitute for regular steaks.
We've used vegetable protein products for a few months and was eager to try this one too!
They came in suspicious brown paper bag. Bag felt really soft as you might imagine. 
(for some reason I found it amusing -,- I like soft..)

Contents inside the bag. Flour type of stuff on the right (which is the actual steak dough) and small reddish pack is the marinade. 

Neither of us had made Seitan steaks before but behind the package we got recipe.

So, we took appropriate amount of water and mixed it with the contents of the bag
Remember to stir... A lot! Dough gets heavy to stir after while.

We poured whole back as the instructions told us.

This is what dough is supposed to look like when it's done.
We actually made mistake at the beginning. It was supposed to mix flour first and then water but oh well little bit air bubbles doesn't hurt anyone... I think? :O

We put water to boil when we started phase two.
Here you can see our blue water boiler. It's called Fredde. 
And all though we're not biggest fans of salt we added a little bit.
You can also use soy (3 spoons). We didn't have any. :S

Lind started to shape this magnificent bastard into a bar.

You can boil this bar as a whole (it takes according to recipe about 40 minutes) or you can cut it into a smaller pieces thus shortening the boiling time. We're quite hungry so... Give it ol' chop chop!

Here Lind is cutting dough into a suitable sized steaks. Dough is quite firm thus texture of the seitan steak dough felt same as meat! Intriguing! 

We're using them with these small burger breads. Aren't they cute?

Boil them for 15-20 minutes

Until they look like these.... Horrid fleshy looking globs.

Pour water out and let them sit for a little while. 
We made marinade meanwhile.
Again you can use soy (50ml) for marinade but we used just oil. We used more oil than it was written in recipe because we saw the marinade actually wouldn't last to every steak.

We didn't know what the marinade included. 

Mix the oil and contents of the marinade bag and stir. Quite straight forward.

We just dipped the steak to marinade and threw into a pan. You can also (and maybe more correctly) let steaks absorb the marinade longer than couple seconds. Depends on your taste really.

We cooked steaks until they had nice brownish colour. 

Here's the finished burger. They were really good. We're absolutely going to use these in future.

Please, feel free to tell us if you have tried seitan steaks before and did you like them.



  1. How did this escape me?! I've never tried these before but now will do some research on where I can find some!

    1. They're really good I assure you! :) Glad you liked the post! It's so fun to try something new and found yourself pleasantly surprised!


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