Friday, 21 August 2015

Outfit: Magical Blue


Rainbow pineapple! 
Ilar was like: "They've already seen my hair in the blog. We don't have to take so many pictures of it."
Lind: "But I really like it..!"

Vest: thrifted
Shoes: Irregular choice

A fun story about this dress:
Black Milk released this dress first in silvery holographic colour.
It was limited edition and they hadn't hinted that this dress was going to be released in any other colours.
So I really needed that dress. BUT I fell asleep before the launching time (which was like 2 am). 
I woke up a couple of hours later in panic and opened the laptop. The dress was already sold out.
I started crying. Ilar woke up worried and asked what was wrong.
" I didn't get that dress! ;___; " 

White tigers are the most beautiful!
This fanny pack is from my childhood. 
According to the tag it's from Ikea :D

These socks used to be tights and they are super old 

Top: Minga London
Dress: Black Milk
Lipstick: LA splash (Vindictive) + some glitter


  1. You guys are rockin' that rainbow hair! Love this! <3

    - Anna

    1. Happy to hear that, Anna :D Thank you <3

  2. Oh no sorry you didn't get the dress in silver but, the blue looks like so magical like the midnight sky :)
    Really dig the embroidery on Ilar's vest and the tiger fanny is adorable!!

    ♡ Dulce

    1. Thank you so much, Dulce <3 <3
      Hehe, yeah it was tragic at that time :'D but I really love the blue one <3 so happy with it ^__^

  3. I never get over that hair- it must take so much effort. I've done color melts before but never something as intricate and cool as yours!

    1. ^__^ <3 yay, thank you!!
      it took hours to colour the hair... so yeah :')


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