Friday, 7 August 2015

Outfit: Light Yellow shirt

It was our first and last time in Helsinki when someone "forced" us to move from our from this place we were shooting at...
A man wanted to fish right next to us...

I think I bought this bow tie when I was a teen and I was visiting Stockholm with my parents.
So glad Ilar is using it now :)

Ilar's friend asked if he could buy Ilar's black studded belt (while Ilar was wearing it) and he said "Yes."
I found it hilarious. And we had just thrifted Ilar this badass cute pink belt, so why not ;)

While Ilar was trying to do a cool pose on the rocks he slipped and... shoes got a bit wet... And clean!

Red light!

vest: (etsy) CandyManVintage
sunglasses: ebay
belt: thrifted
shoes: irregular choice

These pockets are so cute just because they are on the butt side of the dress :)

 The growth story of caterpie must be the best in Pokémon (the anime version).
Metapod is such a dumb Pokémon but that's just why it's so loveable. 


We ordered these shoes in light pink and black with my sister years ago.
We needed some team shoes.

"Lindworm look! That plant is taller than you!" -'lar.

bows: ebay
sunglasses: ray ban
shirt: thrifted
dress: thrifted
bag: yiddish chutzpah


  1. Aww~ Butterfree! one of my favorite pokemons! ^u^

    And.. <3 . <3 ooooofff!! :'D Llar is hot! Aunty Lind, can i have a date with that handsome devil? ^^

  2. That hair! Oh my god I just can't get over it! And those zipper heels are so cute! And that bag :) You guys are just so perfect :)

    1. Thank you so so much, Annika <3 :) You are so kind!!

  3. this is my first time to land on your blog and oh my goodness gosh your haiiiirrrrr!!!! :D <3

    xoxo, rae

  4. You're both fantastic! <3 Love the matching hair. Hehe :D

    - Anna


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