Friday, 14 August 2015

Outfit: Kids from the Dark woods

For a change we wanted to wear black and white.

We found this cool Alfie Atkins -sticker featuring Malcolm 
stuck in this abandoned electrical room (?).

I just realized how genius it was to make Malcolm look identical with Alfie.
I can't remember if he acted just like Alfie 
but I approve the message of opposites don't attract opposites. 
Finding a friend like Ilar who sees the world the same way as I do has made me happier than ever before :)

I bought these buttons when I was visiting Fumetto comics festival in Lucerne (Switzerland).
 It's one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been! Highly recommend visiting.

I bought this dress online and it is by an amazing Finnish fashion designer Daniel Palillo.
His designs are mostly unisex and always super fun and creative.

I cut this dress  a little shorter (sorry!) because that's the way I love my dresses :')
I love the spikes! They remind me of dinosaurs.

Dress: Daniel Palillo
Skirt: ebay
Shoes: Underground
Collar: thrifted
Ring: Kooky Gems

Let me present you my mighty creation: 
rainbow pineapple.

It was so funny when a friend of Ilar's stared at those buttons and started hating the puppet one. 
You can say that we have a little twisted sense of humour sometimes...
We like it when people react strongly to something.


LSP button: Pointy Pins (etsy)
Ear plugs: Ear Emporium (etsy)
Tank: thrifted
shoes: converse
Shoe laces: ninja


  1. Both amazing OOTD! ^^ and its finished aunt Lind! check LB inbox! love you and Llar both

  2. Incredible style- the hair is absolutely gorgeous and vibrant. I'm also loving the dress

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words! :D <3

  3. That dress is all kinds of amazing. <3 I've never seen anything like it! The collar is magnificent! Love your dude's look, too!

    - Anna

    1. Thank you, Anna!!! <3 Daniel Palillo's designs are superb!


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