Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Last bath; the misunderstood

Haven't done one of these in a while, so here you go; ultraviolet bubble bar and the last bath we ever took in our old apartment together. This one is part of Lush Spring collection. We bought this Helsinki's new Lush which is located on a street level. This one is quite faded because for some reason they keep these bars at direct sunlight front of the window. Why? Well, beats me..
 Our new bath is a lot bigger that's a good thing. Lind is quite small though so, she has some troubles keeping above surface time to time. Poor Lind.

Ooh, Beautiful colours. A lot pink though. I predict this bath will be pink all around. 
Pink.. Too.. Strong...

*Chop* Off with your head!

Look how beautiful! Pink, lavender, silver and yellow (quite faded of course). Why the pink must be dominating one? Lush already has so much pink bath stuff.. Oh well. Let's see how this one turns out. 

We're using only half of the bar because it's huge. That's a plus! This will be our last bath in old apartment and first one in new one! Exiting..

You're foamy aren't you?

Scent is amazing. Flowery with hint of herbs a little like ''bath whisk'' Finns use in Sauna.
Neither of us really loves Sauna though. It's all right but I just shortly have too much bad memories about ''Sauna nights'' as it's custom in Finland.
Bath whisk is an okay scent though. I even bought new shower jelly that smells like pine and birch.

Here's the jelly!

Good job lush. That's almost funny pun.

We actually used this wrongly because we lost the instructions to this bubble bar thus we didn't even remember that this was bubble bar and treated this just as a bath melt 
(bubble bars are supposed to use under running water). Sad story really.
But hey, it's glittery!

Sunk to the bottom.. Poor bubbler.

We didn't realize our mistake even when we noticed that bar took longer than ordinary to melt up. Lind grabbed the bar and crushed it. Fitting end for a traitor!....No... what?

Heh, you're dead. Not big surprise.

Water was as expected dominated by the pink colour. Luckily we saved second half so we can use it properly this time. All around bath was all right and nothing special but the fact that it's supposed to be bubble bath rather than anything else might have affected the thing but it was quite scentful and all around lovely colour that pink is for sure.



  1. That bath bomb is beautiful! I hope that bath was one of the greatest of your life!


    1. Rich pink is always lovely, agreed! It was all right, if we would have used it correctly it would even better!

  2. Prettiest soap ever :) xoxo

    1. It's actually more close to ''common'' bath salt but yes, it's pretty absolutely! I'd just would have liked more colours than one... oh well pink is always pink ;P

  3. Aww at least it looks pretty! lol

    1. Haha, yea.. ;P Scent was good too might I add!

  4. Wait.. there were no bubbles though, but the pink color was pretty cool to look at.

    M.Dee | Duty Free Dame


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