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DvD movies that we've watched recently

Our move is officially done. Let's get back to usual schedule with something close to my heart.
Let's talk about movies! This is sort of continuation to movie theater post. Here I am talking some of the movies we've watched (on DVD) very recently;

Marie Antoinette, directed by Sofia Coppola. Really beautiful, visual movie. Really unordinary and great cinematography. According to wikipedia the movie is quite accurate biography to Antoinette. Of course it is dramatized but hey, that's just the nature of movies. Story is all right and really focuses the struggles of Marie rather than political state of French before French revolution. Ending is quite long and uneventful because it handles the political subject (what in my opinion the movie is not about). Soundtrack of the movie is quite odd. You'd think that movie about Marie Antoinette would have a lot of classical music but no, this is not the case. Movie features a lot of punk and rock songs which I don't really like. I mean yes, they're thematic because little rebel Marie Antoinette but still, no.
I absolutely recommend this movie though. Real eye treat with not boring story at all. Acting, ambience and setting really are spot on.

Some people think that this movie represents historical events and people incorrectly, setting Marie and her husband Ludvig as a victims of French revolution. Those people think that French revolution was absolutely correct thing to do and nobody suffered, except those monarchist pigs. I disagree all though I don't support any kind of dictatorship. But I don't think killing people never solves anything either. Marie and her family were executed and bodies defiled. How that makes any justice to those whom suffered and died for hunger before revolution in the reign of Louis XVI?
People often forget how young royal couple were. At that time rulers became kings/queens at age of 35+. They didn't ask to become rulers at that age. They were just a kids after all.
The movie isn't about French revolution but Antoinette's personal struggles.

Here's the trailer to the movie.

Secondly I want to cover movie Peacock (Filmed 2010). It's psychological thriller and Jekyll & Hyde story featuring John and Emma. Movie is good but has some fantasy elements within. Most pressing is that whenever John is Emma everyone believes that Emma is an actual woman without second guess. And no one can relate John and Emma being same person or relatives.
It's like trans-people fantasy world where you pass perfectly to anyone. Every time and every where.

Story is good, interesting and really hooks you in right from the first scene. Sadly, ending (again) is not the best. It's quite unclear and odd. Neither of us actually understood it fully which is pity. It almost seems like script writer Michael Lander and Ryan Roy ran out of idea how to end the story.
Movie doesn't feast with brutal details about characters back stories which is a good thing.
Story doesn't need them to deliver the message.  

Acting by Cillian Murphy (as John/Emma) is stellar and outshines Ellen Page (one of us both favourite actors) as a Maggie, whore with a child. You can see so clearly that Ellen Page can't really act with a child. She's always fine but Child really hamstrings her performance.
Cillian makes convincing woman with every detail and every step.
 Really good choice for the main role.

Peacock trailer. I don't like the name though. It makes no sense really. In the movie it's the towns name where the setting takes place but aside that I don't see anything thematic about that.
Quite good trailer, represents movie well surprisingly.
I absolutely recommend this movie if you're into thrillers.

Next one we watched at our bus trip to Turku; an Education. I don't know where to start with this one. This movie was borrowed from Lind's friend and this movie was dreadful! All in all not surprising story. Plot offered nothing new and climax of the movie was so obvious that it left bitter taste to mouth; That's it?! And message... Let's just say: ''You must learn to walk before you can run'' and using that example this movie rates = baby steps. I don't think any adult with any sense would learn anything from this movie. So, there plot is out of the way now we can focus on something else wrong with this movie.

Worst part of the movie was the characters though. They're not always believable and that's a big flaw but the older man David (played by Peter Sarsgaard) is plain disgusting. Shortly, he's pedophile but movie doesn't address this at all. Quite contrary actually I wouldn't spoil anything by telling about one scene where main character Jenny (played by: Carey Mulligan) is talking to David about how she doesn't want to lose virginity until she's 17 years old. 17 years old with a man 40+. I am sorry but that's suspicious. This very same scene includes Jenny showing her breasts to David. 
What is this? A teen movie, no? Whole scene eluded the viewer to think David would like to see ''whole package'' but he just wanted to see boobs. All in all scene was made to seem kinda gross.
On a side note: Acting was bad time to time. Bad acting really pops up in bad script. 
You'd be surprised how many cases of poorly written dialogue influences actors performance.

Best part the whole thing that it contained few ''cinematographic experiences'' but sadly, movie fell on short in that department too. Movie locates to early 60s England but setting or dressing didn't emphasize that at all. Music wasn't special and everything else was meh. 

Here's trailer. I don't recommend this movie. It's just plain boring and if you're sensible adult you don't learn anything new. Lind's friend gave this movie about 1 and half year ago and I quote ''You can keep it if you like it''. Lind returned the movie few weeks ago and I think her friend got the point. Harharhar, hilarious! 

Next up; Breakfast at Pluto. What a strange movie! It's all right though. Movie takes place in 70s Ireland / England where main character Patrick (played by Cillian Murphy), trans-woman looking for their mother. Movie is heavily dramatized fictive biography and Patrick, oh Patrick, you're so hard to understand. Without spoiling anything Patrick is type of character who tries to get deliberately into trouble and when they do THEY are the VICTIM :.D. What a weird character but somehow believable. I mean I sort of get them, they're a trans woman in the age no one really knew they existed living in a violent and changing world. They are the best part of this odd and very much different adoption story. Side plot is much about IRA and terrorism in Ireland border which brings the drama to the otherwise strangely comedic movie. Genre of this movie is so hard to determine.

Best part of the movie is the comical fantasies Patrick occasionally has. At start of the movie, Patrick writes a naughty story in a conservative Irish class room and it's simply the best!
Worst part of the movie is the really fast pace. You often lose the track of time and story in general because vast majority of scenes and side characters who only vaguely relate to actual story.

Here's the trailer that showcases movie perfectly. I don't know should I recommend this but I am doing it anyway. Cillian does good (but not as good in Peacock) performance as a Patrick/Kitten and world is quite intriguing as a whole. So, yeah, if you like out of the box slightly odd characters this movie is for you!


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