Saturday, 11 July 2015

Story of a discount coupon (contains: Moomins)

We had a discount coupon to the Moomin shop. We received it from mooming happening last month. Discount quite huge 50% so, of course we had to use it while we still live in Helsinki.

This cute moomin plastic bag came with our purchase featuring Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden. Looks nice, eh? 

We also got this cute gift wrapping paper. The shop clerk asked if the ourchase was a gift and Lind said yes. It really wasn't but hey, it's lovely!
On a side note we won't throw it away. :P

So what we actually bought? This towel. I mean we had couple of them but we decided to take this one too. You can't really have too many of these, can you?
We absolutely love the design. This has made using original pattern made by Tove Jansson. 
You can see the style of era it's made on. That was key point we were pulled towards it.
 It's really cute and we love the idea of different languages. (All though it's not Xmas yet.)

Below is detailed pictures from all characters, enjoy! :)

Little My is like; Yo.

Last but not least; this note. :)

Another thing I want to cover shortly is that Japan is opening Moomin theme park in year 2017.
(Link here) I know me and Lind are going for sure :D! Can't wait!
I mean there is Moomin theme park at Finland too. It's located at Naantali. It's okay but quite outdated to todays standards. It's sad that Finland's economic doesn't contribute and help this fine park at all. Pity.

Thanks for reading this short post!


  1. I love deduction of coupons! there always amazing to receive ^^ Do you or Linda have Twitter?

    1. Aren't they? :D and sorry, no neither of us have personal twitter. I'll make one for Hipsta lobsta though at some day.

    2. :( Can you also plz tell her that she could finish my request? I feel ignored :'(


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