Saturday, 18 July 2015

Random ramble about holding hands

How to begin this subject.. That is a real question isn't it? Well, let's just start with this. We hold hands... A lot! Always when we're going somewhere together we are holding hands. Long as we've known each other we've held hands. It's automatic and we don't even think about it. We've noticed that holding hands is quite useful tool to not lose each other when navigating at vast mass of people. Plus, it's nice and we like it.

It's quite interesting what kind of reactions you get from people. You'd be surprised how many people react such simple thing and how! and this is the point of all this ramble.

A lot of people think that holding hands is extremely romantic gesture and something that should not be done in public unless the point is to brag about superiority of relationship. That's just so stupid. Holding hands is not supposed to be like that. It's a simple gesture of caring not romantic affection. 

We've seen many presumable couples that are walking separately but after the guy (it's always the guy) notices us holding hands the guy grabs his girlfriend's hand immediately. The guy even often stares at us and ignores how obvious it is that this couple is not actually holding hands close to never and only reason grabs his girlfriends hand is because of us. He doesn't care how stupid it looks. I mean I don't mind it but it's just funny how people take it as gesture of provocation from another people rather than actual gesture of caring to their close one.
To us relationship is not a status and that's a concept so 
many couples are having difficulties to grasp.

Why I am speaking of this is that this happens quite often whether we're around our friends, siblings or just random people. Holding hands is so threatening to them. Us holding hands is threatening their relationship but more importantly their status. It's just bonkers.

Lastly I want to touch briefly and capitalize the one point of this subject. 
Holding hands is NOT a romantic gesture. Two girls (or even boys) can hold hands without being sexually affected by each other! It's disgustingly sad that this is not the case in so many cultures. Holding hand of person same sex as you doesn't make you gay. Holding hands is not bragging or looking down on everyone. It's not supposed to be like that. 
It's just a simple gesture of caring.



  1. Yeish, their actions are apparent with intention so transparent. Like, suddenly your presence threatens complete and total stranger by invalidating the status of their relationships because to them holding hands is a romantic gesture?!! More like, they're full of absurdities and backwards thinking!

    The two of you are really sweet holding hands :)
    Definitely agree that it stems from compassion and not intended to be sexualized or to be conceited.

    ♡ Dulce

    1. Glad you understand our point Dulce! It's so nice to read such great, insightful comments! :)


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