Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Outfit: Babysitting Cats

 As Ilar mentioned in a his tattoo post
we were babysitting 2 Devon Rex cat boys last week in my parents house.

This is Elmo. I thought he looked so intimidating in this yawning photo that I had to show it to you :)
And oh, I only had temporary tattoos in these pictures :')

 I don't have too many shoes so I took the advance of the house and borrowed my sister's heels.
Thanks sis :')

 You can only hold Elmo in your arms when he wants to. 
But he likes to play a lot and be around the action. So he hid under the armchair.

 This is Ramses. He is older and bigger. He loves to be held.
He acts pretty much like a ragdoll.


 I also borrowed my mom's diamond tiger.
We bought it to her over 10 years ago.
And I still love it ;)

 Jointed brooches are genius!

 Like I said Ramses really likes to be held.
It doesn't bother him if you rise... He doesn't get the hint.

 We really love this Mama's boy.

 Dress: thrifted
Leggings: Black Milk

 So boys finally got the chair from me.

 And started playing.

We are big fans of these two and the breed (Devon Rex) itself.
If we'll get pets in the future it'll be cats like these two :)


  1. I thought täti Lindwormmm was busy making my 30 june gift D: Oh well. perhaps Finland has other timezone. hihi >< sorry

  2. lovely outfit ! I love, love how you combine patterns!
    And the cats are so so cute <3

    // Ania,

    1. Thank you, Ania <3 That's so kindly said! C:
      Yeah, they have cute personalities too ^.^

  3. This post is so full of cuteness! I love it. <3 Rad leggings, by the way!

    - Anna

  4. Aww, the cats look so relaxed Love the diamond tiger brooch too!

    { }

    1. Thank you :) I love the tiger too <3 I need it in my life ;)

  5. Ooh fur babies amidst yawning are the cutest moments!! When Ilar mentioned they were Devon Rexes, I immediately looked up Animal Planet: Cats 101 about them and fell head over heels! That breed is too precious for words. With their velvety fur, all I want to do is just pet them :)
    ♡ Dulce

    1. I'm so happy to hear that you like them too >w< they are such puppy-like precious things with the softest fur <3 yeah when you get your hand s on them, you just can't stop petting them :D


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