Saturday, 1 August 2015

Moving (life update)

We moved last Wednesday. 

It was quite busy day and we started preparing since last week's Friday and we're so beat.
 We had no possibility to move any earlier because our landlady and her real estate company is just pain. They had to make everything difficult! 
Shortly, our new apartment had been empty for couple of months but landlady still had some of her own furniture in. She couldn't remove them any earlier than that very Wednesday we moved! And the old lady in the real estate company didn't want to give us the moving date...

Luckily, all worked out. 
It's just one reason why old people shouldn't rent apartments if they aren't willing to find out what moving means to their new tenant. 
You can't really expect them to be able to move during the night between months. That's just absurd.

The most painful part is behind us. Our last landlady, an old woman with bitter and poisonous attitude towards her tenants (us). She didn't make up any problems to us, she was a problem. Last year she called dozens of times pestering us about network, random news and our living status. Lastly, she called us about our old refridgerators backsides cleaning (she had read most likely this from newspaper) how it's supposed to clean at least once in a year. What it comes to us she's free to drag that enormous thing out of it's ''little alcove type of thing'' and clean it by herself, thank you. And that bird poop from the second floor's window if it's bothering you.

Long story short: old people suck.

But we really like our new apartment! It bigger than our last one. We have a prettier bathtub and nice balcony. The wallpapers have taken some damage which gives us freedom to decorate them more aggressively than before :)
Hopefully we're going to live here the next 4 years.

 Also the moving day was Ilar's bday so Lind's sister had made these yummy brownie bugs with minty gooey blue hearts :)

- 'Lar and Lind


  1. Congratulations to your new residence, Hope it feels like home. I'm so sorry to hear you had to deal with that intoxicated hag of a landlady,but glad it turned out well at the end of the results.

    Btw, Llar :) I featured you in my blog

    1. It really feels truly like home right away and yea she will not pain us no more, phew.
      Cheers, Ken!

  2. Glad you're both getting settled in! Also, happy belated b-day :D
    ♡ Dulce

  3. Congrats on the move! I'm dying to blow this popsicle stand, myself. Hehe. Some new digs would be nice! :D

    - Anna


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