Saturday, 25 July 2015

Movie theater edition: Movies that we've watched ''recently''

We usually go to the movies about once or twice / month because we've got quite picky taste when it comes to movies (and art of any kind to be more specific) and well, Finland's selection of the movies isn't the best because neither of us really like Finnish style of making movies (too American style but it really is quite B-quality) especially when it comes to comedies it's just plain awful. Of course there's some good Finnish movies but let's just say they're rare just because industry itself is really small in Finland and here I am preparing to study script writing and movie for 4 years :D but that's besides the point.

So, let's start from beginning (last two months) we went to watch Theory of everything.
All though movie was released at end of 2014 it was still running on Helsinki at June. So, we went to watch it. Movie was good and I'd recommend it to someone who wants so see well made and really accurate and respectful biography movie. It's very loyal to actual happened events. Stephen Hawkins actor (Eddie Redmayne) was a really good choice. He was a convincing Stephen. Emotion transfer was spot on. Director James Marsh did really good job.

There was actually two official trailers from this particular movie. We thought that the second one represents movie better. It delivers the feeling of the movie quite well.

Next up we watched a horrendous Finnish movie, Häiriötekijä. Lind got an invitation to pre-screening. Movie was maybe the worst thing we've ever set our eyes on. It was Finnish black comedy and we're not fond of black comedy thus this movie was beyond band. It set the next level to worst thing ever. It was against our every moral concept, writing was dreadful and and as a whole it wasn't really well executed. It just made us feel bad. Argh, dreadful! For example there was so flagrant reference to German cannibal and murderer Armin Meiwes. But reference was more like reconstruction and something that's happened exactly the same way and has resulted to death is not something to be laughed at. (Here's Wikipedia link to Armin Meiwes.)

I didn't found a trailer with English subtitles and I don't really want to promote that movie in any form but if you insist at watching it just copy Häiriötekijä (if you don't have ä or ö available at your keyboard) to youtube and first link.

Luckily after the movie we got to go a meeting where we discuss the movie. We brought our opinions to interviewing producers who were really polite and best part of the experience and we received four free tickets to movies.

Next week we went to watch Estonian movie Vehkleja (Eng. Fencer). I would classify it as a sport movie & dramatized biography. It's about Estonian fencer after Soviet Union had taken over Estonia after Nazi Germany. We were happily surprised after the movie because we expected more of clunky romance but no. Romance was in tolerable amount and movie actually focused to point what made it unique; fencing and that's what we came to watch so, kudos to that. I recommend absolutely.

Luckily, I found trailer with English subtitles. I think trailer gives the expression that movie has 
a lot more romance than it actually has. 

It's always great to see Estonian movies. Their movie cultured is much more refined than in Finland strangely enough thanks to the Soviet Union. I've watched in my movie school of Lahti a really well made Estonian movie about school shootings; Klass. It's really good and I've tried to get my hands on it (with Finnish subtitles) but I should go to Estonia for that and search for smaller movie stores. So, maybe someday.

Just few weeks back we went watch Ida, Polish film about a nun. Movie was actually recommended to me by a cinematographist teacher when I was being interviewed to school. Quite unordinary, eh?
Plot wasn't nothing special. Romance was over the top at the end but best part was that cinematography was really artistic and as a whole movie was visually really beautiful. Movie was cropped to square shape and every shot had something artistic and very eastern European style long, slow and wide master shots. Really lovely visual experience. It was really good looking movie but sadly the otherwise descent story fell to its knees after second turning point.

Trailer represents well the visual beauty that movie offered. 
I recommend if you love artistic movies. 


  1. I loved The Theory of Everything!

    1. Glad you liked it as well Annika! :D It was one of the best biography film that we've seen.


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