Friday, 26 June 2015

''Steampunk druid'' tattoo

I continued my tattoo a few days ago. Here's post about my previous experience and about my whole tattoo. Shortly, I wanted a transformation and it has escalated from there to ''steampunk druid''. I love steampunk and Celtic culture. I also think that bugs are cool looking in general.

Idea behind this tattoo was to combine a bug with steampunk elements because it's on turning point where barbed wire turns into a vine. I think it's quite fitting. Idea came from Lind's shirt.
Thanks love :)

What surprises me greatly is that when people talk about pain that involves in getting a tattoo is so vague. In my last post I talked about how back of your hand (or foot) is worst place to tattoo. Yea, absolutely this bug was much easier but interesting thing was this was way worse in colouring part. It's quite logical if you think about it. Tattoo is a wound and if you hurt a wound is much more painful. Best way to describe this kind of ''gradient'' colouring is; Cut yourself with a knife don't cut too deeply but enough to bleed. Then take sandpaper and rub it until your skin comes off, just in a way you would fall on concrete with shorts. Wait a couple second and repeat. Sounds good right? It's not bad honestly when you get used to it but that's in my opinion quite accurate description.
 Otherwise I'd describe outlining tattoos as just simply cutting a wound with a knife.

Just like any wound, healing is an important part of tattoo. It needs constant care. I use this ointment Bepanthen. It keeps tattoo moist thus helping it heal better and faster. Never let tattoo dry for first two weeks. Especially in first week.

Not many people know (I know I didn't) who are planning to get tattoos that first layer often comes off naturally, leaving traces of mixed ink and skin. However, you are NOT supposed to scratch it, no. Trust me it comes off naturally and when time comes it happens quite easily like the second picture below. 

My goal is get my hand transformation finished. I want get a lot flowers, bugs and such on my upper arm in the middle more steampunky with nature elements and on my wrist and back hand with root underground creatures.

What else happened that day? Well, we went babysit cats to Lindworm's parents house for a week while they're on holiday at Germany. Cats are such lovely creatures.

Grey and white is called Elmo and Cream coloured is Ramses.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Woah, that looks incredible! The colors really brings it to life.
    Mind if I ask, what breed are the kitties? They look velvety soft :)
    ♡ Dulce

    1. Yea, I love colourful tattoos! Cats breed is Devon Rex and yes they're really velvety.. And social I must add. I've never met this social cats in my life :D

  2. Llarrr, you handsome devil <3 :3

    oh! plz tell Lindworrm to check her inbox on lookbook?

    1. Thanks :> I tell Lindworm! Thanks for comment!

    2. Your welcome! ^^ I wished you were my brother in real life. i <3 you!! x3

  3. pretty cool! i really love steampunk and I definitely get the idea! xx
    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

    1. Thanks Susan! I really love steampunk too, especially in games and as a fashion style. I've haven't seen much movies which are amazing though :S


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